[I am a] member of the New Federal States of China

And we are sponsored by

the Rule of Law Foundation in New York

to be here in Medyka to provide the humanitarian aid

for the Ukrainian refugees

So, this is the Rule of Law Foundation

headquartered in New York

And the Rule of Law Foundation has a mission

to help the 1.4 billion Chinese people

living in communist China to be free

to have freedom, to have liberty

And the New Federal States of China

we are the new Chinese people who are taking down

the Chinese Communist Party because

we believe the Chinese Communist Party is

the root cause of all the global disasters

For example, the global pandemic, and also

the erosion of the liberty and democracy in western countries

The Chinese Communist Party has been

using money to buy influence and to infiltrate

in the western democratic societies, threatening the liberties

of every individual living in the free world

So now, the new Chinese people

we are standing up to Communism

we want to defend the universal value

of freedom and democracy

and to help the entire world, the people

to be free from the Chinese Communist Party’s influence.

Posted by Theodosia