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According to a report from Canada Reverse Signal on May 17th, despite Trudeau’s Liberal Party voting against it, the House of Commons approved the reopening of the Canada-China Relations Committee by a vote of 168 to 155 a few days ago.

The Canada-China Relations Committee was established in 2019 to investigate the espionage activities of Qiu Xiangguo and Cheng Keding, two CCP scientists at the Winnipeg P4 laboratory. The results at the time showed that the CCP had fully penetrated Canada’s most critical national security areas, including biosecurity and military defense, and leaked important data to the Wuhan virology laboratory.

Trudeau’s government dissolved parliament and closed the Canada-China Relations Committee through emergency elections last September. Although the House of Commons has now authorized the committee to re-investigate the CCP’s damage and threats to Canada, the authorities have always refused to cooperate and have not submitted relevant important documents.

News source:House of Commons passes motion to reopen the Canada-China Committee

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