Written by TCG

When the world is still being plagued by the variants of CCP-virus, monkeypox cases are on the rise worldwide. Miles Guo said on Sunday that the monkeypox-like outbreak was caused by the vaccines for the CCP-virus.

Miles Guo was the first person in the world to expose the origin of the CCP-virus (COVID), which was weaponized in Chinese virology labs, and also forewarned the world of the lethality of the vaccines for the CCP-virus.

During his GETTR live steam on Sunday, Miles Guo said the cause of the monkeypox-like pox lesions were the side effects of the vaccines for the CCP-virus.

The big pharma and the mainstream media have been covering up the side effects of the COVID vaccines from the very beginning. Before the news on monkeypox came out, there were already reports of pox lesions in greenish color found on bodies of some people after getting the COVID vaccines.

Data from WHO as of May 21, 2022

According to World Health Organization (WHO), monkeypox cases were found in 14 countries outside of Africa as of May 21.

President Biden said monkeypox is something “to be concerned about” when he was asked by some reporters about the spread of the disease at Osan Air Base in South Korea before he onboarded Air Force One to visit Japan to launch Indo-Pacific Economic framework to counter the increasing threats from Beijing.