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On May 21st, Ukrainian President Zelensky made it clear that Ukraine needed to become a full candidate for membership of the EU, rather than participating in a wider “European political community” proposed by France.

Image Source: dailysun

At a joint press conference with visiting Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa in Kiev, Zelenski made it clear that “We don’t need any alternative for Ukraine to apply for EU membership, we don’t need such compromises.”

This followed French President Macron’s suggestion on May 9th, that Ukraine could take “decades” to become a full member of the EU and should aspire to participate in a “European political community”, a sort of EU front room.  AFP then followed up by saying that for Ukraine to become a member of the EU, it would have to meet strict standards of governance and anti-corruption, as well as enforce the rule of law.

Image Source: evening standard

According to Zelensky, “This is not going to be a European compromise with Ukraine, this is another European compromise with Russia. I’m absolutely certain of that.”  He said, “It’s the influence and political-diplomatic pressure of Russian officials and lobbyists over a European country’s decision to support Ukraine.”

Some European leaders have already criticized the idea, and it is understood that Macron’s “European Political Community” initiative will be debated at an EU summit at the end of June.


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