70% of the market value under 20,000 index points is controlled by the CCP, leaving only 500 billion in CCP-free market value. The HK dollar is pegged to the US dollar at a minimum of 500 billion market value determined by Hong Kong’s GDP. HK government will go bankrupt once the market value falls below 500 billion, and HK dollar will lose the basis of pegging to the US dollar.

The CCP will do whatever is necessary to repeatedly pull the index back up over 20,000 index points. Eventually it will fall completely, and the Hong Kong dollar will be unpegged from the U.S. dollar. The chain reaction will be the economic collapse of Guangdong province, where the kleptocracies have huge benefits, it will then lead to military collapse, and we can look forward to the Chinese version of the Ceausescu effect. In 1989 Romania’s communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu was executed by firing squad after being found guilty of genocide and fraud.  The trial was prompted by a revolt of the people.

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