On March 14, the Hang Seng Index dived below 20,000 points for the first time since 2016. In just over a couple decades, the CCP’s state-owned enterprises have grown from 2.5% to 60% of Hong Kong’s financial market, which indicates that Hong Kong has been voiceless for a long time. The market value of Hong Kong’s stock market is determined by CCP-controlled, state-owned companies, spy companies, and companies controlled by Saudi Arabia, Iran and others.  

The outbreak of war in Ukraine led to the collapse of state-owned enterprises controlled by the CCP.  Financial instruments of fraud such as the downward manipulation of RMB foreign exchange rates, the use of futures to balance short positions, and the use of turbines to compensate for market risk as well as other scams were uncovered. These are exactly the financial scams the CCP has been playing in Hong Kong and around the world all along. The CCP’s fake economy comes to light from darkness due to the ongoing War. As a bridge city for international investment, Hong Kong’s dock trade, financial loans and hedge funds are bound to end in ruin. Chinese proverb tells us if the skin is gone, to what can the hair attach itself.  In this case, once the world understands the CCP economy is a fraud, the Hong Kong financial market will dissolve.

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Newscaster: Chris, 七哥老妹

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