After the Iraq War, the U.S. developed a strategy to guarantee winning 2 wars at the same time. The CCP bets that the US cannot handle 3 wars at the same time, and that is why it will ignite fire in the Middle East to cover up its intention to attack Taiwan. Once CCP attacks Taiwan, the U.S. and Europe will have no other choice but to participate through bombing.

The U.S. has no obligation to support Ukraine, but it provides weapons and technical support, and does whatever it can on an economic level. The U.S. is well aware that the CCP is behind Russia. The bravery of the Ukrainian people should be evidence enough that when you fight for your cause others will come to help. Don’t count on foreigners to take down the CCP, we must rely on ourselves. If the Chinese do not stand up, the CCP will be there for all time. We, citizens of the New Federal State of China, will be the ones who take down the CCP.

Writer & Publish丨Editor: jamie丨Chris

Newscaster: Chris, 七哥老妹

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