In Christian-oriented civilization, coffee, in a sense, symbolizes the blood of God. A cup of coffee not only serves as a mental boost or pick-me-up, but it also provides a sense of leisure, romance, pleasure, happiness, family, and peace, all of which can be said to be a spiritual comfort. As far as any coffee connoisseur is concerned, there is nothing better than a freshly-ground cup of coffee. “Freshly-ground” can even be a luxury in a normal home setting.  It demands time, patience, and a financial expenditure to make such a mood-lifting beverage, which is to be enjoyed in a cozy and peaceful atmosphere. It is a way to release the burdens of the day, a beautiful gift to humanity for all peace and freedom loving people.  

The New Federal State of China Coffee, made by a Ferrari-grade coffee roaster, is a way to express our understanding of Western Christian civilization. For people who just barely fled the war-torn cities, a cup of freshly-ground coffee is as irreplaceable as the taste of Mom’s Spring Festival dinner. It helps people when running around on a harsh winter night feel at home and soothes the souls of the tired and weary. With only one sip of coffee, warmth fills the entire body. People can temporarily forget the pain and trouble from the war, enjoy a moment of peace and quiet and believe once again in the goodness of humanity. Freshly-ground coffee is a link connecting the citizens of the New Federal State of China and the civilized world, representing our respect for the culture, our love for the people and our wish for peace. To the Ukrainian people and peace lovers worldwide, we understand you and love you. We help without asking anything in return and we stand with you always!

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Newscaster: Chris, 七哥老妹

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