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Translated by: MOS English Team – Jack H

It is reported on May 20th, a researcher in the Citizen Lab with a Canadian university found Microsoft Bing censors its American users and blocks politically sensitive words which the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) do not like.

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Their report focuses on Bing’s censorship of people’s names with its auto-suggestion function.  As per the report, the most censored category is the pornography-related names, and the following are the names of CCP leaders, including current and former ones, as well as dissidents, who are considered politically sensitive by the CCP authorities.

Meanwhile, this kind of censorship involves keywords in at least two languages, English and Chinese, and it takes place in Bing’s operating regions, including China, the United States, and Canada.

Image Source: search engine journal

Citizen Lab found Chinese searches related to “Communist Chinese politics” have a 93.8% chance of being censored by Bing in the United States, while searches in Chinese not related to Chinese politics have only a 6.2% chance to be censored.

This research is further evidence exposed by Miles Guo, who is the founder of the New Federal State of China (NFSC), about the fact that the CCP has deeply infiltrated and controlled the technology and media around the world.


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Posted by: Peter Chen

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