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Translated by: MOS English Team – Beyond X

Suspicion and more suspicion are the means by which the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) divides and stirs up internal conflicts among the people.  The CCP has never stopped the internal divisions and defection against the Kuomintang, Fa Lun Gong, and the Whistleblower Movement.

“Only the truth prevails” is the key to the success of the Whistleblower Movement.  Any unsubstantiated, imaginary attack on others is the pernicious influence from the CCP, of which we should be cautious.

An example concerned someone that sent a message to Miles Guo saying that Miss Xiaoxin, a female fellow fighter of Whistleblower Movement, is definitely a spy.  In response, Miles asked, “do you have any evidence that Miss Xiaoxin is a spy?  The person’s answer was no, only that judged Miss Xiaoxin as a spy just by his feeling.

Historically, many people were killed by ‘feelings’ in the Cultural Revolution.  The CCP later arrested people by ‘feelings’, and finally they disappeared and were killed by people with money and power.

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In the Whistleblower Movement, anyone who judges a person good or bad only based on feeling is definitely not, and will not be our fellow fighter.


Edited and Proofread by:  Linda Progress
Posted by: Peter Chen

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