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Greetings, my noble fellow fighters. Today is May 21st. Wow, what a sunny day in New York today. The American flags are still flying in the wind at President Trump’s home.

As you may have seen, the whole “Zero-Covid” Policy in China has shocked the world. Besides being startled, the world is wondering how the Chinese can endure it? At the very beginning, people thought — How could the Chinese tolerate a 30-day lockdown? How could a 40-day quarantine be accepted? And then seventy days, eighty days passed…how many days has it been until now?

I told many Western friends that the Chinese could endure it; I told them I could bear it. “Miles, you cannot stand this for even ten days if you are not allowed to go downstairs and without food to eat.” Said they.

I replied, “that’s because, dear friends, you don’t know me; you don’t know Guo Wengui!”

People all know the fact that Brother-7 was locked up in Qingfeng Detention Center. Could I go out or “go downstairs” at that time? Could I go for a walk? Did I have adequate food to eat?

I ate up even the cotton, was beaten, abused, and witnessed people being shot right in front of me —killing some people to warn others — not only one but three, shot to death, just on the spot.

[CCP] let us suffer from starvation, but it didn’t want us to die of it — because the CCP thought it would be too merciful for us if we had died. We suffered from starvation but were not allowed to die; that was truly painful — Keep you suffering from starving; however, you are not allowed to die.

In Shanghai and Changchun, some people killed themselves by jumping from buildings. At that time in Qingfeng Detention Center, from where could we jump? From the first-floor to the ground floor? There was not even a basement in that place.

Did you want to die of starvation? No, no way. You could only suffer from hunger, but you were not allowed to die. Even if you could only eat cotton or the moldy Wotou (a type of steamed bread made from cornmeal), you must stay alive. That was truly painful.

If you still refuse to surrender, then they would kill some people in front of you to let you experience the feeling of death closely, right?

How many days did I endure back then? Nearly seven hundred or so days, almost twenty-four months, since I was jailed until I was released. I was jailed in the detention center on May 26th that year and released on May 3rd three years afterwards. Can you imagine what the situation was at that time?

I told [the Western friends] that many Chinese people were “imprisoned” in their villages for more than a year or two during the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. They never even went outside, leaving the villages.

Nearly 5 hundred million people in China have never left the villages and the farmlands where they were born until they died — which foreigners can barely understand.

Although there are complaining voices in Shanghai now: “Stop the ‘Zero-Covid!’ We cannot bear it anymore…!”

Actually, [according to the CCP’s mind,] the current situation is still too “merciful” for you. CCP feels that it is too “merciful” if it continues to let Chinese people live the way they did before, it must let the Chinese experience a hard and bitter life.

That is why the CCP always has the saying: “Life is three years of suffering, three years of hard-work, another three years will pass in these ups and downs…” If its goal is not achieved, the CCP will create another ten years of troubling times to mess around. That is why Hu Jintao (former President of China) once asked the Party to “avoid self-inflicted setbacks”. 

However, the CCP is apt to toss around the Chinese. So do you expect this situation to last only three months, two years, or three years? It won’t be over for ten years because the CCP thinks the Chinese already have too good a living. That’s how the Chinese Communist Party is, okay? Few people can see through this trap [set by the CCP].

Yesterday, the Beijing Commission for Discipline Inspection arrested another two CCP cadres. The two had fled from their homes and were arrested from their hiding place just last night at 11:00 pm US time, 11:00 am mainland China time.

The two individuals reportedly had learned of the warrant, so they ran away in advance, throwing away their cell phones — not just removing the sim cards but throwing away the cell phones, and they found a secret place to hide. They had been hiding for a week when they were found, and they had already written down everything when they were caught. 

They told the officers arresting them, “You’ll be the next to be arrested, even though you’re the ones who capture us now. I considered killing myself, but then I thought… Nay. If I die, those whom I reported and exposed will be covered up by you bunch of gangs. So I decided to testify even if I would die in the wake of getting caught. I will testify in person to reveal the corruption of others.”

What cases had the two arrested individuals handled before? They were once in charge of the investigations against Sun Lijun (former vice-minister of Public Security), Liu Yanping (former Vice Minister of Public Security of China), Meng Jianzhu (former secretary of the CCP’s Political and Legal Committee), Wang Qishan (vice president of China), and Fu Zhenghua (former Director of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau). 

One is a man, and the other is a woman. Both once worked for the Beijing Commission for Discipline Inspection and were transferred [to be in charge of those cases]. Their boss was a fellow pal of mine whom I had known since childhood.

Just before the police broke the door where they were hiding and arrested them, one of them called this boss — using a landline phone, notice my words, a landline phone. This boss scolded him and asked, “Where are you? The investigators are looking for you. You must turn yourself in immediately.”

He said, “Do not worry, chief, I’ll…I know they’re coming after me. But I still want to tell you that I have done a few things that I regret in my life. One is that I have chosen to follow the CCP; the other is not giving Guo Wengui stronger support to [expose the CCP] and not helping him earlier. If I had taken immediate action after Guo Wengui brought those whistleblowing materials to me, I wouldn’t have been in such a miserable situation…”

Then this boss said, “What the hell are you doing? Hang up the phone and turn yourself in. Now!” Why did the boss tell him to turn himself in? He was afraid that someone was monitoring the line. 

In the end, these two individuals were arrested. 

Take it easy, brothers and sisters. It will definitely be a bloody mess before the CCP’s claimed 20th national congress.

After I broke the news about one of Ning Gaoning’s (former chairman of the COFCO Group) subordinates two days ago, this person threatened me, saying, “Brother Guo, our friendship will end if you continue to talk about Ning Gaoning. The hardship will definitely last a very long time.”

Guess what. This man also got caught yesterday.

In addition, last night I was told that 13.6% of the shares of Founder Securities Co., which was worth $1.2 billion at yesterday’s market price, but an actual value of about $10 billion, owned by Beijing Zenith Holdings Co., Ltd., had been forfeited.

Who was given the shares after being taken? The shares went to the National Social Security Fund, founded by Dai Xianglong (former governor of the People’s Bank of China).

The CCP thinks I might be affected. Do I care, brothers and sisters? Do I look like I care about that? 

— Look at the ‘big dimples’ on my cheeks. Gee — 

Do I look like I care? The 13.6% of the shares owned by Beijing Zenith Holdings Co., Ltd. was taken away; do I have anything to do with it? Do I care? I have nothing to do with it!

Look behind me. This is the building owned by Pan Shiyi (co-founder of SOHO China), who controls 50% of the ownership. The GM building.

Why would I care about that?

This building (the Sherry-Netherland apartment hotel) was built during the Qing Dynasty, the tallest building in the world a hundred years ago, where I live now, right? All residents who lived in this building in the past were world-class tycoons, even Chinese tycoons of the Qing Dynasty. 

Have you ever seen any dead people taking the building with them and bringing it to their graves? Never, right? I have become a person who is fully committed to eliminating the CCP. Would I care about those things? Are you pulling my leg?

I, Guo Wengui, with only [a snap of my fingers], could make many people around the world have as much wealth as Beijing Zenith Holdings Co., and they are all good people, decent people — that would please me the most, not how much I own for myself.

I am just one individual; would the wealth make a difference to me anymore? Huh? Would I care? Is there anything that I haven’t experienced?

I have only one thing to do in my life: to take down the Chinese Communist Party! The joy, the feeling, the energy, and the immense strength and pleasure that it could bring to my life is something that many will never understand. 

Go ahead with your life of eating, drinking, and sleeping; continue to chase more money, buy more houses… See if you can take any of those things with you when you are eventually put in a coffin.

What “exceptional food” do they eat? The evil members of the CCP eat the placenta, rat meat, cat meat, and pangolin meat. Don’t they, right? Keep eating! In your next reincarnation, you will not only not be able to be reborn as humans, but not even as animals. You will pay the price for eons, for eternity!

Know this, all my brothers and sisters in China: The vaccine catastrophe will completely wipe out many evil people worldwide, including the Chinese Communist Party, and those who claim “they are innocent and good people” but actually have harmed others. As long as you harm others, you will be punished!

This is the disaster brought to humanity by the demonic Chinese Communist Party and the biggest punishment from God. But the Chinese Communist Party will, in the end, be…destroyed!

Kiss you all. See you in the live broadcast tomorrow!