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Image Source: Miles Guo’s Grand Live Broadcast on 20th May 2022

On May 20, 2022, Mr. Miles Guo broke the news on Getter that all the Chinese domestic banks have urgently reported to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CCP) that their operations can no longer be sustained, and soon, the banks would have to restrict withdrawals, limit capital flow and transfer of all deposits, and eventually, these will lead to social unrest.  Several major domestic banks said that now there are at least ten trillion yuan in discrepancies that cannot be covered anymore.

Mr. Guo revealed that there are a massive amount of lawsuits arising out of the breach of contract as a result of Shanghai’s zero-Covid policy and the disruption of supply chains in Guangdong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and other places.  Currently, the business of underground money traders is so popular due to the overwhelming demand.  Also in China, mortgage default rates in home loans, car loans,  and all kinds of financial instruments of commercial banks are extremely alarming.

It’s been warned that what’s coming next for Communist China is the imminent collapse of real estate and collapse of the financial sector

In the meantime, the CCP is still relentlessly lobbying the West that unless you offer the immediate tax cuts, and formulate a series of financial policies for us, once China’s financial market and real estate collapse, we will not be able to repay all foreign debts.  Mr. Guo said that this will accelerate the inflation, deflation, and collapse of the entire world economy.

Mr. Guo said that the price of oil in the United States and Canada has surged so much recently that many gas stations are out of gas.  The US oil has broken the red mark of four dollars a gallon, to the current six to seven dollars a gallon.

Therefore, the US will definitely introduce tax cuts for communist China, letting the Chinese people continue to be enslaved.  Meanwhile, the US will establish a new center in Asia in South Korea, and Japan, including neighboring Thailand, and thereby fully secure Taiwan.  If the CCP dares to attack Taiwan, the US will retaliate and destroy it.  According to Mr. Guo, this series of measures is aimed to take down the CCP.  No matter what the US may say, there is no way on earth that the US will ever collude with the CCP again.

Link to original article:国内几大银行向中央紧急打报告表示再也无法撑下去 – GNEWS

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