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Translated by: New Zealand Eden Farm – Stone

On May 13, Mr. Miles Guo in a live broadcast answering questions from his comrades-in-arms that the new NATO in the future must be centered on Kyiv instead of Belgium.

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A comrade-in-arms asked Mr. Guo: Will the EU and NATO disintegrate? When do we go to Kyiv to raise the flag? Mr. Guo believes that what happened in Kyiv is a goal, not necessarily to be achieved. But NATO is strong. Strictly speaking, NATO has disintegrated. It is not the current NATO, but an enlarged version of NATO. Because Ukraine has fought human justice, Russia has failed.

Before the Russian-Ukrainian war, Mr. Guo said that as long as the war lasted for two weeks, the United Nations, human rights organizations, WTO, and NATO should all move to Kyiv. No one believed it at the time, it was ridiculed, and now the Europeans believe it too. Mr. Guo solemnly declared: “Please remember what I said today, the new NATO in the future must be centered on Kyiv, not Belgium today.”


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