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Translated by MOS English Team–Juliet

Image Credit: Anthony Wallace/AFP/Getty Images)

In the live broadcast on May 18th, Miles Guo said that the CCP has transferred 70% of its foreign trade and terminal interests from Hong Kong to Shanghai in order to weaken Hong Kong’s port status. Next, the CCP will strengthen political management, deprive Hong Kong of legal security, and bring down Hong Kong’s core industries—real estate and service industries, so that Hong Kong loses its core competitiveness and bans its status as an international financial center. Then the CCP will destroy Hong Kong’s international financial credit and trigger an international economic war, resulting in the inevitable decoupling of the Hong Kong dollar and the US dollar.

All this confirms Miles Guo’s warning to the world for the past five years: Hong Kong dollar will inevitably disappear, and RMB will become worthless paper.


Proofread/Edited by: James L
Posted by: James L

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