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Translated by: Himalaya UK – Badman

According to a report on May 19th, the US Department of Defense participated in a congressional hearing on unidentified flying objects (UFOs) for the first time that day. The hearings addressed military sightings of UFOs in training areas and whether they posed a threat to pilots or national security.

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It is reported that the hearing held by the House Intelligence Subcommittee on Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence and Counterproliferation, was the first on the subject of UFOs since 1968. During the hearing, there were questions involved whether or not the government had crashed any UFOs in its possession and if the Pentagon was investigating reports of flying saucers interfering with nuclear weapons, as well as the possibility of  intelligence operations against U.S. military forces conducting training.

While answering the above questions, the Pentagon officials exhibited two clips of video evidence, saying extraterrestrial hypothesis apparently hasn’t been ruled out. But when asked asked if the encounters with UAPs have altered the development of offensive, defensive capabilities the U.S. military, officials said they’ll save such sensitive issues for the closed session.

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