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It was reported on May 19th that TSMC is considering to build a new factory worth billions of dollars in Singapore to help solve the global chip shortage.


Image Credit: REUTERS/Ann Wang

The report said that the Singapore Government may fund to help construct the factory.

Taiwan chip manufacturer giant TSMC said that they do not exclude the possibility, but currently there is no plan to establish a new factory in Singapore. 

TSMC is the largest chip manufacturer in the world, and one fourth of its income come from Apple. 

According to the report, the possible factory in Singapore can manufacture 7-nanometer (nm) to 28-nm chips.  Such chips are not the most advanced.

TSMC is increasing its investment in such chips, some of the chips are in shortage globally due to supply chain problems. 

According to a report by MacRumors, the factory in Singapore may allow other factories in the world to adjust its production. Other factories can produce the most advanced 5-nm Apple chips. This helps relieve global chip shortage. 

TSMC’s business is mainly in Taiwan, it also has a factory in Washington. TSMC is now cooperating with Sony to establish its first factory in Japan, and investing $12 billion in Arizona for a 5-nm chip factory. 

Due to global supply chain and national security reasons, TSMC’s expansion is rolled out because main economic bodies in the world (U.S., China, Japan and EU) are attracting semiconductor industry domestically with stimulus and preferential policies. 


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