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Translator: MOS Gospel Team – linli

On the evening of May 18, local time, Founder Securities announcement showed that the court ruled that the 1.089 billion company shares held by Zenith Holdings to be confiscated and transferred to the designated transferee, the National Social Security Fund. It is reported that Zenith Holdings is the second-largest shareholder of Founder Securities, holding 13.24% of the total share capital.

In 2018, the Intermediate People’s Court of Dalian, Liaoning, fined Miles Guo 60 billion for the crime of so-called forced trading. In the absence of written procedures, the Dalian Intermediate People’s Court sentenced Miles to coercive transactions between Minzu Securities, a 60% stake held by the Communist family, and Founder Securities, which is backed by Peking University and controlled by the Politburo and the Standing Committee families. There was no third party attending to the whole process, and all the people involved in the case had lost freedom before being taken to court.

The transferee of Zenith Shares, the National Social Security Fund, is also under the control of the Communist Party kleptocrats. The founder, Dai Xianglong, was the former governor of the People’s Bank of China. Miles Guo previously exposed the news that 96% of the social security fund was divided among about 100 million Communist Party members and their families. Only 4% was left to the 1.3 billion people


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