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Translated by:  MOS English Team – Jack H

On May 19th, the German Parliament voted overwhelmingly for the first time to pass a resolution supporting Taiwan’s participation as an observer again in the World Health Assembly (WHA) and Word Health Organization (WHO) relevant mechanisms and activities.  Meanwhile, it requires German Government updates report regularly on whether and how all the WHO affiliated organizations integrate with Taiwan and other relevant participants.

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It is reported the German Parliament (Deutscher Bundestag) for the first-time approved Taiwan’s participation in the WHA and WHO related mechanisms and activities as an observer. This resolution was jointly proposed by the three coalition ruling parties and the largest opposition party in Germany, demonstrating the strong support of the German Government and public to Taiwan.

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Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its high welcome and sincere thanks for it.  In addition, Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out the German federal Government specifically included pro-Taiwan content as “support for Taiwan’s substantial participation in international organizations” into the coalition agreement in the end of November last year.  On this basis, in order to continue to practice the “red- green light” solidarity spirit, which unites government, parliament and parties together to support Taiwan participating in WHA and WHO, the convener of the foreign policy and health policy working group of the ruling coalition’s Social Democratic Party, Green Party and Liberal Democratic Party group decided to make the joint proposal after consultation.  This won the strong support of the largest opposition party, the Christian Democrats/CSU Alliance, which led to the first time that the four major German political and opposition parties jointly proposed to support Taiwan in the Parliament, and successfully passed it by the House of Representatives.


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