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To punish Russia for the worldwide turmoil triggered by its invasion of Ukraine, Western countries may have inadvertently exposed their cards to the not-so-friendly Communist Party of China (CCP) as they work to cut Russian elites off from global markets.

Considering the massive Western sanctions against Russia, which French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire says have frozen $1 trillion in assets, the foreign holdings of the CCP officials have suddenly become a serious concern for the CCP government.

In March, Chinese President Xi Jinping secretly issued an order for senior officials to divest themselves of foreign assets and banned family members of ministerial-level officials from owning foreign real estate or stocks, sparing the CCP’s top officials from various Western sanctions against Russian oligarchs.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, May 19, CCP quietly reached out to Russia about strengthening energy ties by buying more oil for its strategic reserves.

CCP refineries have also been scattering purchases of cheap Russian crude since March.

The CCP does not disclose its holdings, but Kpler’s analysts estimate the CCP has 926 million barrels of reserves, 6% below the fall of 2020 (U.S. reserves currently stand at 538 million barrels).

Now the world is coming to realize that Miles Guo’s revelations of a few years ago have come true, and that CCP virus and the vaccine disaster are the result of the CCP’s ambition and swamp greed.

If Xi Jinping is still bent on attacking Taiwan to consolidate his dictatorship, the world is bound to form two camps. The righteous camp of the United States and its European allies, and the evil camp of the CCP and dictatorships like Russia.

The people of the world are awakening, and I hope that the people of China will be as brave as the people of Ukraine in defending their country against the CCP’s atrocities, and that the righteous forces of the world will unite to make the CCP and communism disappear from the face of the earth.

We hope that the righteous forces of the world will unite to make the CCP and communism disappear from the earth.

Returning peace to the world and giving future to our children and grandchildren.


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