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Translated by: MOS English Team-Jack H

It is reported His Majesty of Japan will meet U.S. President Biden at the Imperial Palace on the morning of May 23. It was announced by The Imperial Internal Affairs Bureau on May 20. The meeting is expected to be one-on-one and last approximate 30 minutes. Mr. Biden is scheduled to visit Japan on May 22 for Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QUAD) summit, a framework for cooperation among the four countries of Japan, the U.S., Australia and India.

Image Source: yahoo

As Imperial House of Japan said, in December 2013, his majesty met with then-US Vice-President Mr. Biden at his official residence, who was then crown prince. In terms of meeting with U.S. president, shortly after his ascending to the throne in May when the Reiwa era started, his Majesty and the Empress met with then US President Trump and his wife who were visiting Japan as state guests.

Image Source: dailymail

Since 2020, due to the CCP virus (Covid-19) crisis, His Majesty has met with overseas dignitaries rarely. This is the first time he has met with a foreign dignitary alone since he met the President of Uzbekistan and his wife in December 2019.


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