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Satellite photos show that the Communist Party of China (CCP) has set up an object modelled after an Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft used by the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) in a special area of the Xinjiang desert.

Thomas Shugart, a part-time senior researcher at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), said the object is modelled after the Japan Air Self-Defense Force’s E-767 aircraft.

The E-767, built by U.S.-based Boeing, flies at high altitudes at more than 800 kilometers per hour and uses its rear-mounted radar to detect distant aircraft and missiles that cannot be captured by ground-based radar. With a range of 9,000 kilometers, it can monitor a wide area for an extended period.

Japan’s Defense Ministry said four E-767s are currently stationed in service at Hamamatsu Air Base.

Kiyofumi Iwata, former chief of staff of Japan’s Ground Self-Defense Force, noted that the E-767s, known as “flight command towers,” can search for enemy operations in airspace far from the battle zone and can enable friendly fighters to intercept enemy aircraft. Because of its extensive surveillance capabilities, the E-767 is difficult to shoot down in flight, except when parked on the ground, where it is most vulnerable to attack. If we lose the E-767 in the event of a surprise Communist attack on Taiwan, Japan will lose its ability to monitor the Spratly Islands.

Yoji Koda, former commander-in-chief of Japan’s Self-Defense Forces, said the Chinese Communist military exercises used identically shaped object targets to improve the accuracy of the missiles. It was probably built to check the error of missile impact” to simulate an attack on the E-767.

This is the first time an object similar in shape to a Japanese Self-Defense Force aircraft has been found. There are fears that this is related to the Chinese Communist attack on Taiwan contingency, as the Chinese Communist military action will affect Japan.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Chinese Communist forces have become more active in the area around Taiwan.

CNAS’s Shugart notes that the stated goal of the CCP’s war in Taiwan is to conduct ‘systems disruption warfare’ – to disrupt effective information nodes needed for Taiwanese operations. the E-767 represents a key information node for the Japanese Self-Defense Forces – a node that provides friendly aircraft with airborne warning information.

By destroying the E-767 on the ground at the start of the conflict as part of a preemptive missile strike on a JMSDF base, he added, the PLA’s goal would be to seize air and information dominance based on known PLA doctrine.

In November 2021, satellite photos also showed that the Chinese Communist Party found full-size models of similar “U.S. aircraft carriers” and “destroyers” in the same area. There are indications that the Chinese military is using the site to test weapons.

In addition, on May 11, the U.S. Department of Defense discovered a model of a “destroyer” and “port facility” like the Su’ao Naval Base in northeastern Taiwan in the same area. The base has an important role in intercepting maritime incursions from the Chinese Communist Party.


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