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Translated by: OX Translation Team – Linda Progress, James L

Let’s talk about these issues privately today.  My personal opinion is that vaccinations should be canceled immediately.  I was also vaccinated before, and I didn’t see any reports of side effects at that time, and you didn’t tell me. But based on this naivety of trust, you may still have some bottom line.  I believe you understand so let me just ask these questions. If our fire-fighting vaccine technology is very mature in the world, why didn’t Europe and the United States choose to use it this time? 

A health worker gets a dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine at a COVID-19 vaccination center in Seoul
Image Source: Reuters

Everyone’s gut feeling knows this very well, so why did the Western countries choose this as soon as they came up this time, the recombinant protein, line vector or whatever it is, and then try the RNA that is most likely to fail?   

Why didn’t many groups choose the most mature technology for this fire fighting vaccine?  

Because this technology has problems in previous vaccines. It is like dengue fever, the Middle East respiratory syndrome, SARS, measles, these viruses. At that time, when inactivation was used, we couldn’t even get past the animal experiments, and we couldn’t even begin to talk about the human experiments. So the simplest question is, what technical means do we use to control this virus in the process of such a large-scale virus, culture, and then inactivation? 

After it is inactivated, is it still in the original shape of the virus? How can these viruses be controlled so as to not deform during the inactivation process? So that some receptors on its surface will not change? We believe that the most reliable technology is actually the one that is the most difficult and unstable. So why can’t our other technologies do it? 

Because the reality remains that our scientific research strength cannot reach that level. Why can’t we own up to the problem of our own scientific research level? 

Several of our individuals in biomedicine have worked in European and American pharmaceutical companies and have really served their duty as managers. There are a lot of them.  You can see that most of them have been studying in the United States for a few years.  It’s the same with the surname Wu, who just studied in the United States for a few years.  What does he know?  Then those few came back there to engage in this, and now in these several innovative vaccine technologies.  I will not point out the names of those companies, because I have a very clear gut feeling on them. 

Are they nothing more than a few years of basic research work in some pharmaceutical companies?  The US pharmaceutical factory, its management division is very refined.  What can these people learn?  While we are all here, has there been a lot of mixing in these systems in Europe and the United States?  I also often go back and forth between prestigious universities and some laboratories in the United States and meet a lot of Chinese students.  Most of these people, especially those who can enter famous American schools for Ph.D., are the best of the best?  What are they thinking? Most of them are thinking about how to package themselves, and whether they can get Government subsidies or some start-up funds when they return to China.  Are these people patriotic?  Do these people have feelings for science?  Most of them are a refined egoist at heart.  These people all hold US green cards.  Then they returned to China to start a business under the banner of patriotism.  What about after making money?  See if these people will stay in the country. 

The development of the mRNA vaccine is a joke.  Of course, if these things come out next, I see whether you dare to fight.  You don’t dare to fight, do you?  Has this topic gone too far? 

Let’s go back to the core issue.  Studies in the United States, France, and Japan have all made it clear that this new coronavirus has ADE, and now the phenomenon of vaccine escape after vaccination is becoming more and more serious.  That shows that the phenomenon of ADE is getting more and more serious, then under such circumstances.  Why do we still want everyone to get vaccinated?  Of course, we can continue to use stronger vaccines to cover the previous problems.  The problem is, if it can’t be covered, it will kill a lot of people. 

We can’t keep covering one wrong thing with the wrong vaccine. Why are we pulling everyone to the cabin hospitals now?  Are these cabin hospitals really a cabin hospital?  Isn’t that just a simple work shed?  There are a lot of people; you see, those photos were taken and posted online.  These public opinions cannot be blocked no matter how much they try.  How often is it spread privately?  You look at the information that is being spread out publicly.  The environment of these so-called cabin hospitals does not even meet the most basic standards of infectious disease prevention and control, so why should the people be forced over there? 

Of course, we can say to the outside world that it is in the name of the people.  There are always some kind and brainless people who are easily fooled.  We are all aware of this.  Just in case, I am afraid of the effects of ADE.  Because our vaccination rate is too high.  People who can take the vaccine have already taken two more doses.  Now the immune escape situation for arcane clones is so serious.  It means that the enhancement-dependent effect of the antibody is very strong, right?  This Omicron variant has a strong affinity with the antibodies produced by the previous vaccine.  So fortunately this Omicron variant is very weak, and it is not deadly at all.  Therefore, there is no large-scale severe phenomenon in these cabin hospitals.  Even the moderate illness did not appear, for which we have to thank God.  Let’s just say in Shanghai, why are these deaths announced to the public, not because of the Omicron variant?  No matter the non-vaccinated or vaccinated.

Is it nothing more than two considerations?  On the one hand, the experts in Shanghai still hope that the scientific cognition secrets of the Omicron variant will not be so serious to the outside world.  We should not suppress such behavior.  On the other hand, some of the vaccinated died, why do we also explain that it was not caused by the Omicron variant?  The core reason is that we do not want to be seized by the West, and the vaccines that attack us have the effect of ADE.  We really can’t use politics in these ways for scientific research.  Now that these vaccines in Europe and the United States are no longer available, it is impossible to push them through forcibly.  

Of course, pharmaceutical companies hope to continue to reap the benefits, right?  But for their pharmaceutical factory, the harvest is also in place.  It’s alright, just harvest a wave.  Our pharmacy is almost over, no matter which representative of the interests are involved later.  Someone told me a few days ago that I should stop participating in this vaccine event.  Then why not participate?  It’s very clear to me that the interests behind the design are too complicated.  If that star country is harvested successfully, some other pharmaceutical companies, including Gao Fu, are working on some of their technical vaccines.  Then you have missed the moment, do you blame yourself for not taking advantage of this wave of harvesting opportunities?  Then don’t push the vaccination anymore.  Now which vaccine can be used reliably if it can be produced in ten years? 

So basically, we look at the entire vaccine research and development, and the vaccines produced in ten years are hard to find, they usually take 20-30 years.  It has not been long since the Changchun Changsheng incident.  The biggest problem with vaccines, we all know that it is not an antibody problem at all. It’s a matter of the side effects behind the antibody and the enhancement-dependent effect of this antibody.  

These two problems are the most difficult to solve.  If we only need to solve the antibody problem, it is very easy, just mix it up, add a little more adjuvant, and then force it down.  It is impossible not to produce antibodies!  At least with this antibody, let them guarantee that it is still ok to keep it within them for a month or two.  But the problem is, we’re failing so fast right now. This just can’t be said, it’s too ridiculous, isn’t it? 

Therefore, the side effects of antibody and the dependence on the antibody are the two most difficult problems to solve. Of course today we promote the effectiveness of the antibody but avoid talking about other issues or utilize public opinion to stop people from questioning. However, this is a drug and if it is not being handled well, it will cost a person’s life. Perhaps it does not cost people’s life now, but it has damaged their immune system. If they can’t effectively recover, won’t people live a shorter life? Isn’t this shortening their lifespan? People can easily be fooled, as long as they do not die on the spot after taking the vaccine. Given that anything happened to their body afterwards, with their knowledge and intelligence, they will not connect it to the vaccination. With the mutated Omicron variant, in my opinion, it is better to remove the vaccine mandate, especially the vaccination among children. In this situation, the vaccination program cannot be continued. Our birth rate is low, and our children’s body condition cannot compare to the children in the West, if we continue to vaccinate our children with a poison vaccine that has yet to be experimented on animals…. Let me ask you if your children have been vaccinated or issue proof stating not suitable to be vaccinated? The Laobaixing’s children are not children?   

We can hold onto control, but we shouldn’t keep vaccinating.  If this continues, what if the virus wave evolves in a more toxic direction?  At that time, it will not be something that today’s cabin Hospitals can solve.  We would like to thank the current virus that has evolved into rubbish, which is lighter than a common cold.   

Of course, we go through this media.  The after-effects of this messing around have really convinced many people, and this is also very successful.  Then we see that after these blind vaccinated people are infected, don’t you see that we haven’t seen anything happen to them?  What if the virus mutates in a more virulent direction?  By then, a lot of people will die.  How will our cabin hospitals treat them then?  Yu Hongjie at Fudan University or whoever did it, what kind of model is this?  ‘What are you talking about?  Let it go!’ if there are more than one million people, 1.5 million or more than one million people, I forgot.  This is bullshit. Now if we let it go, will the death rates be so high?  Of course, some deaths are unavoidable, because some are accidental.  Are colds and flu also deadly?  The elderly with multiple diseases die naturally.  Encountering this may lead to death, so can’t we do a good job of correct and scientific guidance?  In the case of this Omicron variant, we should quickly cancel the vaccination!  Then let the group naturally immunize and repair the natural immunity, which can save everyone.  Of course, we must complicate this matter, and then go to fool everyone, then there is no solution.   

Regardless of the vaccines you have received before. What a serious ADE phenomenon exists, in fact, as long as the autoimmune system is relatively good, most of them can repair themselves.  Let’s see what’s going on in the cabin hospitals.  Can’t these people handle it?  If we force vaccination of our vaccines like this, then even after missing this opportunity, I really don’t know what the next step will be.  Unless, of course, we are determined to actively disconnect from the world.  Now that the United States has not really gotten started, we have already killed ourselves in the name of the epidemic. 

If you don’t believe me, take a look.  Let’s start now, for example, if the lockdown is lifted, the suicide rate will definitely be much higher than before.  It will continue to climb, why?  The economy is dying, the people at the bottom have no income, and they really can’t survive; and if it goes on like this, it may not be a generational problem.  If these children are constantly vaccinated, if their immune systems are irreversibly damaged, have we thought about the consequences?  Let’s not talk about this vaccine.  Let’s be realistic.  Most of our current bio-pharmaceuticals and our routine needs today, like those simple molecular drugs, are still imitations.  What vaccines are developed in a short period of time?  We really have to treat scientific things scientifically.  To carry on like this?  Really?  I have always wanted to, alas, swear. 

Of course, this cannot be said any more.


Edited/Proofread by:  Kayla J., Saturn M.
Posted by: James L

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