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Translated by: MOS Buddhism Team – Ronald Yan

On May 20th, Mr. Guo gave a speech to the ongoing Federation Cup Poetry Recitation Competition, expressing gratitude and congratulations to all fellow fighters who organized and participated in the contest.

Mr. Guo said the Federation Cup Poetry Recitation Competition initiated a new pattern for the Whistleblowers’ Movement, where all the participants spread the truth about the Whistleblowers’ Movement in this special way. Every means employed by fellow fighters was to take down the CCP and their investment of the time and effort made great contributions to accelerating the demise of the CCP.

Mr. Guo highlighted that the contest provided fellow fighters with more tools and instruments for spreading the truth about the Whistleblowers’ Movement and attracted the participation of new fellow fighters, thereby definitely awakening more decent Chinese people to engage in the vigorous campaign to rid the world of the CCPs tyranny and oppression. Finally, Mr. Guo wished a great success to the Federation Cup Poetry Recitation Competition.


Edited by : Laura L
Chief Editor : Laura L
Proofread/Posted by: Moli C.