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Translated by MOS Buddhism Team – Ronald Yan

At the rescue frontline in Medyka, Poland, on May 17th, Nicole, the correspondent of the New Federal State of China (NFSC), introduced the significance of the upcoming June 4th, the NFSC’s second anniversary and the Independence Day of the new Chinese, in another interview with American volunteer Adam, who appeared in front of the NFSC’s camera this time with more other volunteers participating in the rescue operation.

When Nicole mentioned the NFSC would represent the freedom for all Chinese people domestically and abroad, Adam said a strong government should tolerate dissent, but the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) clearly does not fall into the group. The CCP regime, which has blood all over its hands, has been fearing democracy and trying to elude accountability. Nevertheless, too many U.S. political figures have kowtowed to the CCP over the past 30 years, and it is time to stop relying on the corrupt regime. Adam sincerely expressed his support for all of the NFSC’s efforts, saying he would fly the NFSC’s flag on his house in Washington, DC, if he could obtain one.


Proofread/Edited by : cosmo YZ.
Chief Editor : Laura L
Posted by: Moli C.