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On May 19, the German Congress voted overwhelmingly for the first time to support Taiwan’s renewed participation as an observer in the World Health Assembly (WHA) and the related mechanisms and activities of the World Health Organization (WHO), and to request the German Government to submit regular updates reports about “whether and how Taiwan and other relevant parties should be included in all WHO organizations.”

Image Source: Reuters

According to the Epoch Times, the German Congress (Deutscher Bundestag) for the first time passed a resolution supporting Taiwan’s participation as an observer in WHA and WHO-related mechanisms and activities. The resolution was co-sponsored by Germany’s three ruling parties and the largest opposition party, and was voted upon overwhelmingly, demonstrating the strong support of the German Government and the public forces for Taiwan.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan expresses its sincere appreciation.

In addition, Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out that the German Federal Government’s joint agreement at the end of November last year specifically included the “support for Taiwan’s substantive participation in international organizations” as a friendly content to Taiwan. On this basis, in order to push forward the spirit of solidarity among the parliamentary caucuses of the “Traffic Light” Coalition Government in support of Taiwan’s participation in WHA and WHO, the conveners of the working groups on foreign policy and health policy of the Social Democratic Party, the Green Party and the Liberal Democratic Party caucus of the ruling coalition decided, after consultation, to jointly propose, also with the strong support of the largest opposition party, the CDU/CSU group, the four major parties in the German parliament jointly proposed a bill in support of Taiwan for the first time, and it was successfully passed by the congress.


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