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Translated by: Boston May Flower Farm – OuterRim


On May 18, Miles Guo broke the news in his live broadcast that the Chinese Communist Party has established a BSN center in Hong Kong in cooperation with blockchain technology practitioners from Israel and Japan. BSN belongs to the intelligence department of the CCP military and is controlled by Wang Qishan’s lover, Gao Yanyan, aiming at controlling global digital currencies.

The BSN established by the CCP uses the fourth generation blockchain technology, incorporates special encryption, and is based on the computing models of quantum computers, bio-computer technologies, and DNA computer technologies to dominate global digital currencies.

But due to CCP’s faulty system, BSN always has people who are deceiving the top which allows Miles to obtain important internal intelligence through his followers inside BSN.

China’s National Digital Currency DCEP (Digital Currency Electronic Payment), gold yuan coins with red flag of China background

Miles also revealed that one of the key shareholders of Himalaya exchange is the investor and owner of the world’s 5th generation of new blockchain technology. By the end of 2023, it will be the owner of the intellectual property of the most advanced blockchain technology. It will be the most trusted and secure monetary and financial system for humanity.

Miles added that Himalaya exchange will create a new HCN blockchain technology that will break the CCP’s dream to dominate the digital currency.


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