Translated by: Ermat

Image Source: Gnews

In the live broadcast on May 18, Mr. Wen Gui once said: Behind the quantum computer is the biological computer, and the DNA computer is running simultaneously. This has never happened to humans. Humanity’s current Internet and going to space and exploring the universe will be striding forward with quantum and DNA biological computers. Do remember that biological computers and quantum computers are not the same level.

Mr. Wengui also said that this biological computer is on the same level as God, and strictly speaking, it has found the password of God, and the DNA computer has found a way to store it and find a way to communicate with God. And a quantum computer accelerates both of these things, but it’s not the ultimate. Quantum computers are the best tool for you to find out how all DNA is stored and future biological computers. The discovery of this tool was enough to revolutionize the entire networking world.

In the whole speech of Mr. Wen Gui, the most exciting sentence for me is that biological computers are on the same level as gods. Strictly speaking, they have found God’s password and found a way to communicate with God. So, what exactly is a biological computer? Would it be so magical? The author collected some information to share with you.

What is a biological computer

Biocomputer is also known as a bionic computer. Its main raw material is protein molecules produced by bio-engineering technology, and it is used as a bio-chip. The size of the chip is only one hundred thousandth of the size of the silicon chip used, but the level of integration is greatly increased. The bio-computer chip itself also has parallel processing capabilities and its computing speed is 100,000 times faster than the latest generation of computers today, consuming only one billionth of the energy of ordinary computers and storing only one ten billionth of the information space.

Computers made with biochips are called bio-computers, or simply bio-computers, while those made with DNA chips are also called DNA computers and those made with protein chips are also called protein computers.

Biological computers have many advantages, mainly in the following aspects.

1. Small size, high efficiency and fast transmission

The area of ​​biological computer can accommodate hundreds of millions of circuits, which is hundreds of times higher than the current electronic computer. The density of components in a biological computer is 1 million times higher than the density of human nerves, and it transmits information 1 million times faster than the human brain can think.

At the same time, biological computers, which no longer have the shape of a computer, can be hidden in places such as desk corners, walls or floors, while heat generation and electromagnetic interference are greatly reduced.

2. The chip is permanent and can be repaired automatically

Biocomputers are permanent and highly reliable. If the biological repair mechanism can be brought into play, even if the chip fails, it can repair itself. (This is an extremely attractive potential advantage of biological computers.) Protein molecules can self-assemble, can create new tiny circuits, and are active, so biological computers have biological properties.

In addition, biocomputers are no longer like electronic computers, which cannot be automatically repaired after chip damage. Biocomputers can play a biological adjustment function and automatically repair damaged chips. Therefore, the biocomputer is very reliable, not easily damaged, and can be repaired automatically even if the chip fails. Therefore, biological computer chips have certain permanence.

3. Large amount of stored information, super parallel processing capability

Biological computers have huge advantages over traditional electronic computers in terms of storage. One gram of DNA can store as much information as a trillion CDs, and the storage density is 100 billion to 1000 billion times that of conventional disk storage. Biological computers also have super parallel processing capabilities, and logic operations can be realized through biochemical reactions in a small area, and tens of billions of DNA molecules constitute a large number of DNA computers to operate in parallel.

The biological computer contains a large number of genetic material tools, capable of performing millions of calculations simultaneously. Whereas conventional electronic computers examine all possible solutions one by one at the speed of electric current, biological computers process all molecules in each molecular library simultaneously without analyzing possible answers in order.

4. Less energy consumption, no signal interference

The components of a biological computer are biochemical components composed of organic molecules, which work by chemical reactions and consume very little energy, only one billionth of that of a general computer. Therefore, unlike an electronic computer, the body will heat up after working for a period of time, and there is no signal interference between the circuits of the biological computer.

5. Self-repairing data, low data error rate

Another important property of DNA strands is the double helix structure, where A bases form base pairs with T bases and C bases with G bases. Each DNA sequence has a complementary sequence. This complementarity is the unique advantage of biological computers. If the error occurs in a DNA duplex sequence, the modification enzyme can refer to the complementary sequence to repair the error. 

The double helix structure is equivalent to a RAID1 array of computer hard disks. One hard disk is the mirror image of the other hard disk. When the first hard disk is damaged, the data can be repaired through the second hard disk. The biological computer itself has the characteristic of modifying errors, so the data error rate of the biological computer is low.