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A report released by an Israeli cybersecurity company said that hacking groups officially supported by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched attacks on Russia and various Russian military technology companies have become the targets of the CCP hackers.

Picture Source: VOA

According to the New York Times on Thursday (May 19), Israeli cybersecurity company Check Point released a new report, which mentioned that on March 23 this year, CCP hackers sent data to scientists and engineers at several Russian military R&D institutions. The emails, which appear to be sent by the Russian Ministry of Health, lure recipients into opening them to trigger a download of “malware” programs that deliver content of interest to the hackers. The “decoy” email was titled “List of Persons Sanctioned by the U.S. for Invading Ukraine,” the report said.

The report also noted that the CCP is targeting Russian agencies that research airborne satellite communications, radar and electronic warfare. These institutions are part of the military enterprise Rostec, one of the largest and most powerful entities in the Russian defense sector. The New York Times said the Israeli report provided new evidence that the CCP carried out a cyberattack on Russia to steal intelligence.

The outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian war triggered fierce anger in public opinion around the world, and the United States along with other Western countries have been joining forces to impose severe sanctions on Russia.

However, the CCP stands on the opposite side of the majority of public opinion, refusing to condemn Russia and helping spread false information for Russian officials. General Secretary of the CCP Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a joint statement before the outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian war in February this year, announcing to the world that Sino-Russian friendship and cooperation are “unlimited” and have “no restricted areas”. Many believe that the CCP played an accomplice role in Putin’s decision to wage war against Ukraine.

By this point, no Chinese official response to the facts contained in the Israeli report has yet been seen. Analysts believe that the report released by Israel surprised the world. It reveals there is still a side that is unknown to the world between the CCP and Russia. The two countries that appear to be bosom buddy to each other, they each have their own axes to grind in private and would resort to any unscrupulous means to reach their goals. The New York Times said many of the Chinese hackers appear to be targeting intelligence and intellectual property rather than causing chaos and turning the Russian-Ukrainian war in Russia’s or Ukraine’s favor.

Since Xi Jinping came into power, he has focused on improving the CCP’s scientific and technological level, and vigorously promoted the CCP’s development in robotics, medical equipment and aerospace technology. The targets of CCP hackers are clearly in line with the CCP’s development priorities. The New York Times said that over the past decade, the CCP’s core spy agency has learned from Russia’s experience, recruited talents and instructed cyber spies to steal intellectual property and political and military intelligence from countries around the world.


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