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On May 18th in a life broadcast, Miles Guo revealed the CCP – Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration and manipulation in the Western digital currency market.

According to Miles Gou, both Tether (USDT) and LUNA (UST) are strongly connected with CCP, which is the mastermind behind their recent dramatic up-and-downs. Miles Guo and his team will find out everything behind Tether (USDT), including how it maintained its so-called “stability” this time, and the outcomes and authenticity of the earlier investigation on Tether. Miles Guo emphasized that he and his team will also make every possible effort to help protect LUNA’s small shareholders’ interests.

Miles Guo pointed out that this is similar to the Steve Wynn case, as time goes by, through various lawsuits, including the convictions in criminal cases and lawsuits in civil courts, we’ll find the evidence and piece together the maps uncovering the CCP’s invasive unrestricted economic and legal warfare through intelligence, internet, currency and financial means against the Western world.

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