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It is reported on May 18 that, in response to Canada’s ban on Russian state television, the Russian government shut down the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s (CBC) Moscow Bureau that day and stripped its journalists of their visas, and all of the agency’s Canadian personnel must leave the country within three weeks.

Image Source: CBC

As a response, the Russian Embassy in Canada said that the above closure decision was in retaliation for the Canadian government’s media censorship and that it would take similar counter-action against other countries that blocked Russian television programs. The reopening of the news agency is contingent on Canada unblocking its ban on Russian state television.

Image Source: CBC

The Moscow bureau with 10 employees is 44 years old and is the only Canadian news agency with a permanent presence in Russia. For now, Global Affairs Canada is standing by to help the agency evacuate, except for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has said he is fine with it.


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