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Picture Source: Miles Guo’s Gettr Video on May 20, 2022

On May 20, 2022, at the Medyka Refugee Rescue Center in Poland, Adam, a volunteer from the United States, says that communism destroys the will and creativity of people. Communism rewards people who lack creativity and reward people who just follow orders. If we don’t stop the Chinese Communist Party, Adam said, it will control the entire world. He encouraged People from the New Federal State of China to stay strong and continue to fight peacefully.

The following is an interview with Nicole, a volunteer with the Rule of Law Foundation, New Federal State of China, and Adam, a volunteer from the United States.

Adam: “You know, don’t give up. Because any struggle like this is going to be tough. It may take a lifetime to achieve something, but it’s better to be here fighting for what you believe in. And, I think you’re providing a basic service to people who are not just aware of human rights violations, who are somehow more silent than I was when I was younger. Even with the Internet, there’s more censorship, and the censorship is more advanced. So we’re not getting the whole story, and you’re telling people that. I’m not talking about censorship in America, I mean I’m talking about censorship in China that doesn’t let the truth get out, and censorship is very strict for the Chinese. I recently heard that the national anthem is being censored. Just because of the opening line: Rise people who don’t want to be slaves. Do you understand?”

Nicole: “Wow! I didn’t know that.”

Adam: “Well, it was a protest against the COVID closure of the city and people started quoting the anthem saying things like, hey, we’re being treated like this, we need to stand up. When that article was published and people started using that kind of wording, the center started stepping in and banning the anthem. Because it was being used for political purposes, it was like you know. Winnie the Pooh was banned, like all these politicians who need to be cheeky. Just like Trump apparently is cheeky, Biden is cheeky. Why can’t Chinese leaders accept comedic jokes about them, so much so that they banned comedic content, and banned South Park. And this is some of the West’s favorite real comedy, it’s usually fair, it attacks the United States, it attacks China, it attacks any country that’s making a fool of itself. That’s what comedy usually does, if you make fun of China, you get banned, and your company gets kicked out of China. You know they did that and it was basically like Disney cutting ties with a group of artists. Because people like them who were chosen wanted to keep hold of Disney in China. At some point, we have to stick to our principles. Living in a free country, our government usually doesn’t care about that, and that comes from the people. Our company does not do business in China, our company has no business in China.”

Nicole: “It’s good for your company. So tell us the name of your company and all of our viewers would love to support your company by buying your products.”

Adam: “Okay. I work for Dr. Brown’s Miracle Soap, or we buy Dr. Bronner’s Soap. Emanuel Brown is no longer alive. He was a staunch anti-Communist.”

Nicole: “Wow!”

Adam: “He did believe that communism destroyed the human will and creativity. It rewards people who lack creativity and rewards people who just follow orders. Emanuel Brown started a company as a Holocaust survivor. Now there are about 300 employees and almost all of our profits are shared with non-profit charities. Usually, our executive compensation is capped at five times that of the lowest-paid worker, but we’re not communists. Because we have to create incentives for people, but the highest-paid workers don’t make 400 times what some companies operating in China make for the lowest-paid workers. For example, Nike, the spokesperson for Nike makes as much money as 10,000 workers, which is equal to the salary of one company spokesperson. It’s completely abnormal I realize there’s a famous basketball star, but is this the world you want to live in? 10,000 workers are underpaid while you alone can earn so much.”

Nicole: “Well, guess what? It’s the big sports stars and those celebrities who were the first to bow down and get high to the Chinese Communist Party. I hate to say this but like LeBron James. Some big stars do that. Even in Hollywood, there are so many, many more. And I’d like to add a point about censorship. Mr. Miles Guo, the founder, and leader of the Revolutionary Movement is a political asylum seeker and currently lives in New York. He is heavily censored by Twitter and Facebook and his views are tampered with on YouTube. So many of our followers, members of the New Federal State of China, have either had their Twitter accounts permanently banned or censored. So we are experiencing very similar censorship in Western societies, in the so-called free world. Just like our brothers and sisters experienced in communist China, we already know that much of the censorship stems from the influence and control that the Chinese Communist Party has over American companies. Social media platforms, for example, have seen the results of influence or infiltration under the influence of money, which tells us once again that the CCP is the cause of the disaster and a global threat to freedom. Not only to the Chinese people but also against those who live in the free world. So this makes our mission even more meaningful than we initially expected. Because we think we started by helping our fellow Chinese to be free and defending your freedom of thought, your freedom of belief. Because one day if we don’t stop the Chinese Communist Party, it will control the whole world, so it’s a completely global issue.”

Adam: “I think your concerns are valid. I really enjoyed talking with you today, and I learned a few things. But I think we should wrap it up a little bit. What do you think?”

Nicole: “Yes, thank you very much, I really enjoyed talking to you. I love being an American because there are so many great people here and you’re one of the best I’ve ever met.”

Adam: “That’s very kind of you to say that. If you think about it, you know, the United States is the only country that’s not based on race, and there’s probably one or two other countries that can say that. But actually, we are a melting pot, we have a lot of different cultures and then we adopt each other’s culture. I think you do a good job of representing the morality and integrity of the Chinese people, and you’re a dissident. You can’t go back to China, and I really sympathize that you can’t go to your home country or even visit. You know something is going to happen to you. In closing, I want to say stay strong, keep fighting, fight in peace.”

Nicole: “Thank you! Absolutely! As an American citizen, I am always and forever grateful to the United States. Adopted me when I was a child and I have become a good citizen. America, thank you. I wish more Americans would recognize the New Federal State of China and help us celebrate the freedom of all Chinese people around the world. So thank you, Adam, thank you, and I hope to see you again in Washington.”

Source: Miles Guo’s Gettr Video on May 20, 2022


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