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Translated by: MOS English Team – mingyue


According to a CTV news report on May 12, the Toronto business community jointly urged the federal government to cancel the non-essential quarantine measures at the city’s Pearson International Airport to avoid long customs clearance delays for many of the passengers at the airport.

It was reported that Insufficient staffing and cumbersome virus detection procedures are the main reasons for the long customs clearance time of inbound passengers. Passengers are often stranded on plane for hours for the airport to process the backlog of baggage.

Last week, more than 100,000 international passengers experienced significant delays in customs clearance, with waiting and processing times of more than 3 hours. Given the gradual recovery of tourism, the Toronto Airport is now receiving more than 30,000 international passengers per day and will soon increase to 45,000 per day.

In response, Jan De Silva, President & CEO of  Toronto Region  Board of Trade said that the government must immediately remove all unnecessary quarantine measures to reopen the Canadian tourism industry.


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