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May 20th, it is already May 20th, brothers and sisters. 

The world is in dramatic change. They say the peace talks between Russia and Ukraine have made significant progress — the two sides are negotiating, hammering out a deal.

You may have seen how bad CCP China’s domestic economic situation is since yesterday, right? In CCP China, some provincial and municipal [governments] are said to have raised objections to the “Zero-Covid” policy measures; they put forward different opinions. It is inevitable. [The grievances] must finally explode sooner or later.

In addition, I have heard that in China, several banks have urgently handed over reports to Zhongnanhai (Beijing) — that they can no longer hang in there. 

“If we continue to restrict withdrawals of deposit, limit all circulations of deposit or money transfers, society will eventually explode in a big way.”

Several major banks reported at least a ten trillion RMB shortfall that they cannot hide anymore.

Third, right now due to Shanghai’s “Zero-Covid” policy and the supply chain defaults, contract defaults, and numerous trade litigations occurring in Guangdong Province, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and everywhere else, the underground banks have been unstoppable and on fire.

Also, what is even more outrageous in CCP China is that many home loans, car loans, and various financial instruments of commercial banks have exploded and blown up on a large scale — which we have warned very early, brothers and sisters.

CCP, you may be able to fake for a while, but the bogus cannot last forever. The fake can only exist within a particular environment; it can never become eternal.

That is the state of the whole CCP China now. What will follow is the collapse of the real estate market and the financial industry. When that happens, will the CCP continue to survive? Can the CCP continue with its regime in China? What do you think, huh?

The CCP has now informed the West repeatedly, “If you don’t give us tax cuts immediately, if you don’t initiate financial policies to support us… once the Chinese financial and real estate markets collapse, we are not going to repay any foreign debts.”

CCP’s reneging on its debt will not only accelerate both inflation and deflation of the global economy, but the collapse of the entire world economy as well.

Gasoline prices in the US and Canada are changing every day. Many gas stations ran out of petrol. Four dollars a gallon [of gas price] has always been a “red line” in the US, but now it has gone up to six or even seven dollars. Who can afford that?

So the US will surely give CCP China a tax cut — keep you as slaves while offering you tax reductions. Meanwhile, the US will establish a real new Asian center around South Korea, Japan, and neighboring Thailand. And the US will completely solidify the protection of Taiwan and make it safe. If CCP dares to invade Taiwan, it will be destroyed!

The US’s intention behind all these measures is to take down the CCP, brothers and sisters. And it is no longer possible for the US to collude with CCP no matter under what circumstances. As it was thought in the past, “You’ll be good to me when your economy develops; you’ll be good to the people when your economy improves.” That is not going to happen again. Never!

Furthermore, fellow fighters, now you can see that those “who are not only unvaccinated but have Himalaya Coins” are definitely the most awesome people in the world; they are the most amazing ones!

Do you know what “unvaccinated” means? I have heard that the World Health Organization might define “the unvaccinated” as a particular health group in the future. There will be special policies for this specific group of healthy people. In the future, instead of “the unvaccinated not being allowed to take a plane,” there may be a green lane for them when they take a plane and a special area reserved for them.

That’s it. Nowadays the sperms or eggs of “the unvaccinated” will be worth a lot of money. The key is, if the sperms or eggs of “the unvaccinated” are fertilized in vitro, who would be qualified to carry the pregnancy? So the cost of “surrogacy by the unvaccinated” is also going to be super expensive.

The world is collapsing; the economy is collapsing; the Chinese Communist Party is walking straight to the crematorium! Humanity is on the way to a new hope! This is the New Federal State of China.

That’s all for today; I’ll do a live broadcast on Sunday.

Thank you, everybody. Kiss you all!