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Gen. Koji Yamazaki, Chief of Staff, Joint Staff, departed from Japan for Brussels on Monday (May 16) for the NATO Military Committee in Chiefs of Defense Session.

The Ministry of Defense of Japan said that Gen. Koji Yamazaki would attend the meeting for the first time as the unified chief of staff of the Japan Self-Defense Forces, Nikkei reported. 

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, Japan has followed the United States, Britain, and other countries in imposing sanctions on Russia. Japan has stopped exporting 57 kinds of high-tech products and technologies to Russia now. 

A relevant person in the Japanese government revealed on March 9 that it planned to exclude Russia from the category of “partners”. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida also emphasized at the Senate Budget Committee on March 7 that the “four northern islands” are “inherently Japanese territory”, changing the previously used term of “sovereign islands”.

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