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The U.S. officials said on Thursday, that the Government has ordered 13 million additional doses of Monkeypox vaccine after a man in Massachusetts contracted the rare but potentially serious viral illness, New York Times reported on May 19.

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The massive $119 million order of Jynneos vaccine, which can be used to treat monkeypox and smallpox, was created by the biotechnology company Bavarian Nordic, according to Newsweek.

In 2015, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of Jynneos as a vaccine for rare viruses.

Monkeypox was first discovered in 1958 from a colony of monkeys that were kept for research, but the first human case was reported in 1970.

Image Source: nypost

Symptoms include fever, headache, body aches, swollen lymph nodes, chills, fatigue and in some cases, rashes.

According to reports, there have been several outbreaks of the disease in recent years, several of them in the UK. Two cases were reported in the US in 2021.  

On Wednesday, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health confirmed that a man who had been to Canada had contracted the virus and was hospitalized with mild symptom. “There is no risk to the public”, the agency said.


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