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Translated by: Los Angeles Pangu Translation Team — TrueSky

Dr Geert Vanden Bossche said when questioning why health authorities are pushing for children to be vaccinated with the Covid vaccine: “The main problem is that they are concerned about hospitalisation, not virus transmission. The more the virus becomes a highly contagious pathogen (e.g. Delta and Omicron), the more likely people are to see children hospitalized”.

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Since vaccines still largely provide protection against serious diseases and hospitalization, “they thought it was a good idea to have their children vaccinated as well”.

What they fail to realize is that these antibodies are boosted in the upper respiratory tract, an evolution that only accelerates the multiplication of variants that are not only highly infectious but also more virulent. This means that vaccines will soon no longer be able to prevent serious diseases. From this point on, one might forget about keeping hospitalization rates low.

Of course, public health authorities should always focus on keeping hospital admissions low and avoiding the collapse of our health system. But what these idiots must know is that this must be achieved by limiting the chain of transmission. Vaccines cannot do this, but natural immunity can, and this is a lesson they have yet to learn. Suppressing natural immunity (using a vaccine) during a pandemic paralyses the ability of the population to be immune, thus preventing herd immunity and promoting immune escape from the virus.

This takes time and unfortunately many people die before they realize this. It is only when there is an outbreak of hospitalizations in highly vaccinated countries (which will happen soon) that they will realize it is time to go into hiding.


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Posted by: Peter Chen

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