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Translated by: OX News Team – MaiTian

According to a report on May 18th, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and US President Joe Biden are ready to announed a joint statement after their meeting in Tokyo next week, reaffirming that the two countries will strengthen cooperation towards a stable in the area of Taiwan Strait, government said on Tuesday. 

Image Source: Kyodo

Kishida said the United States looks forward to increase its involvement in the region as the Chinese Communist Party influence has increased. The United States is sending message to Taiwan from Japan, these countries are seeking to contain Communist China’s growing assertiveness in the region. They said Communist China sees the self-ruling Taiwan as a breakaway province that must be reunified with the mainland, by force, if necessary. As Japan becomes more outspoken on Taiwan issues, Kishida hopes to further strengthen the cooperation between U.S. and Japan through summit to counter the Communist China’s growing threat.

In April 2021, Taiwan was mentioned in a joint statement by leaders of the US and Japan for the first time since 1969. The two countries have constantly repeated the “importance of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait” ever since.

In the upcoming summit, Kishida and Biden will discuss deterrence of Ukraine-style invasion in East Asia. 

On Tuesday, the US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo mentioned during a press conference that a framework launch will be announced on the Japan trip visit by President Biden.

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