A US army soldier holds a drone during a NATO joint military training exercise with Bulgaria's army at Novo Selo military ground on April 21, 2022.

The Biden administration is sending more than a hundred new secretive suicide drones to Ukraine as Russian military forces are exposed after having regrouped in the eastern part of the country.

The Phoenix Ghost, a drone designed by the U.S. Air Force and manufactured by Aevex Aerospace, will quietly loiter over the skies of Ukraine looking for enemy units and will engage by flying directly into the target, which will detonate an explosive warhead.

It is a comparatively small weapon that could be hard to see against the cloud cover those shrouds much of Ukraine in late April and in May.

It can also be used to give you a site picture of what it is seeing, of course. But it’s principal focus is attack. Its purpose is akin to that of the Switchblade, which is basically a one-way drone and attack drone.

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