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Translated by MOS English Team – Mark Wen

According to foreign media, Japan Post announced that it will resume express mail services and airmail packages to Ukraine from May 20th.

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Air shipments had been temporarily suspended since February due to the impact of the CCP virus (COVID-19) and the war situation in Ukraine. Japan Post will launch a new shipping route to start the operation.

However, sea shipping will not be opened for the time being. This is because the parcels that have not delivered during closure of service will take some time to process. Therefore, sea shipping service will be resumed at a later time.

Japan Post said it wanted to check with its contact point before sending a package, as not all regions in Ukraine could deliver packages. Since the mailing services have resumed, the people returning to Ukraine from Poland border Medyka has increased. It can be understood that Ukraine has a clear advantage in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

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