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Translator: MOS English Team – Summerfire 
 [As the Whistleblower Movement achieved a big victory in the US judicial system, there is another big benefit for our fellow fighters. The combination of centralized and decentralized  new digital currency, Tang Ping Coin, will be launched by Himalaya Exchange in the future.]
Based on the world digital currencies’ situation and future development, Miles Guo said in his Grand Live Broadcast on May 18 that digital currencies are intended to challenge the US dollar and fiat currencies. Digital currencies in the US dollar zone, such as Ethereum (ETH), are automatically governed by the long-arm jurisdiction of the dollar. Digital currencies in the non-US dollar zone, such as Tether coin (USDT), are highly dangerous because they are manipulated by the Chinese Communist Party. Only the Tang Ping coin, on one hand, which is absolutely decentralized, on the other hand, along with the Himalaya Coin, which is definitely centralized, will become the world’s best currency. 

Proofread / Edited by:  Lakers H.
Posted by: linli

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