Gao Yan Yan (高燕燕) is the real bagwoman working for Wang Qishan(王岐山) and Zhu Rongji(朱鎔基). In the future, most of the wealth plundered by the Chinese Communist Party will be retrieved from Gao. 

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Communist China’s mass COVID tests may soon be over. It is said that most areas in Beijing are now showing green code. The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) so-called pre-war stress test is a complete failure.

Turkey is a very good place to go and live.

Miles believes that Peking University is nothing but a whorehouse for the CCP. 

• Miles is the only one who has donated 1 billion yuan in cash and refused to be their permanent president and permanent school director. Peking University offered to send female students to please him on several occasions, but he refused.

Source: Internet

All cryptocurrencies in the market now have market makers behind them. 100% decentralized cryptocurrencies do not exist in the world right now.

• The forces behind Bitcoin must spend about $500 billion to keep its current price more stable than other cryptocurrencies. But in any case, there is no future for Bitcoin.

Miles heard from his friend in the Middle East that Changpeng Zhao (趙長鵬)was inquiring about how to get plastic surgery to hide his identity. This friend is currently helping him get a fake passport.

• Binance is a scam. It was licensed in Abu Dhabi only a few months ago, and it has never had a KYC compliance system in place.

Mr. Steve Bannon is under tremendous pressure within the Republican Party to keep him from talking about Steve Wynn.

• But Mr. Bannon doesn’t care, and he was so excited to hear Wynn’s news.
• Mr. Bannon and Secretary Milk Pompeo are the leaders of the group of West Point alumni.

The people who designed the panic index are the ones who created and manipulated the panic. 

• Warren Buffett once said that anyone who believes in the Panic Index should not come and ask him any questions.

Himalaya Coin (HCN) is the only cryptocurrency in the world that allows ordinary people like our Whistleblower Movement (WM) warriors to own coins before going public. Therefore, WM warriors will not lose any money to HCN.

Kim Jong-il is handling the current North Korean COVID outbreak way smarter than Xi Jinping. 

• The North Korean people can just stay at home and don’t need to do any daily COVID tests. Each local people’s commune will handle the sick and the dead. Meanwhile, Kim Jong Il asked the world for a lot of money.

The circulation of currency is way more important than its price. 

• Even the Russian Ruble went up, but the stores in Russia now only want to accept rubles.
• Can you easily cash out a large number of bitcoins? Or can you freely use bitcoins to buy any product in any store or online?

Xi Jinping can take down Li Keqiang (李克强) in a second.