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Translated by MOS English Team — Juliet

Image source: Washington Times

The Hudson Institute revealed that its new China Center was launched on May 19. It will work to develop policy responses to maintain U.S. strategic focus on China and promote a national and global dialogue rooted in liberal and democratic values.

According to the official website of the Hudson Institute, under the leadership of Dr. Miles Yu, a senior Hudson researcher who served as a senior China policy and planning advisor to the State Council, this policy will bring together the different views on China from all parties in the United States.

Michael Pompeo, Hudson Fellow and former Secretary of State, will chair the Center’s advisory board. According to Pompeo, “To have a China Center at Hudson, led by Miles, is a big step forward in fostering democracy’s cause against the central threat of our times: that is the Chinese communist model of governance.”

Hudson President and CEO John P. Walters said: “Hudson was founded to tackle existential threats to America and its allies and the greatest threat today originates from the Chinese Communist Party. Our new Center will bring together analysis and leadership to counter that threat.”

The mid-term elections in the United States are approaching, and the two parties are actively advancing actions to deal with the threat of the CCP.
As the CCP’s threat to Taiwan and the world becomes more and more urgent, the U.S. strategy toward the CCP has gradually become clear. The United States has realized the destructive power of the CCP on American freedom, democracy, and the economy, and the eradication of the CCP has been put on the agenda.

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