Written and Translated by: billwilliam

Proofread by: Sister Karamazov

Mr. Miles Guo blew the whistle that other internal factions are forcing Xi Jinping to step down as the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party by the 20th CCP National Convention to be held this autumn, according to Mr. Guo’s live broadcast on May 19, 2022.

Hu Jintao (former General Secretary and Xi’s predecessor) and Zeng Qinghong (former Vice Chairman of Communist China) reportedly pressured Xi to step down. They suggested Xi must relinquish power as the General Secretary but can retain the position of Chairman of Communist China, citing that Xi had previously promised to retire from the position of General Secretary. In the CCP system, the General Secretary wields absolute power, whereas national Chairman is a symbolic title only. Two candidates were selected to be Xi’s successor: Li Keqiang (current Premier) and Wang Yang (current Chairman of the CCP National Committee of the Political Consultative Conference).

Despite the reshuffling of top leadership, Xi’s downfall doesn’t mean democracy in China. Li Keqiang is a colluder with all factions in the CCP, and Li’s most trusted ally is Vice Chairman Wang Qishan. In comparison, Wang Yang is a red aristocrat belonging to the family of Qiao Shi, a former senior CCP official. Albeit appearing to be more enlightened than Xi, neither Li Keqiang nor Wang Yang will bring democracy into China. According to Mr. Guo, whoever ascends to power in the CCP system will wield the regime’s power to carry out his own policies and will continue the regime’s rule. A new CCP leader won’t result in regime change, so this incident isn’t much helpful to efforts to overthrow the regime. In fact, Li Keqiang may impose more brutal crackdowns on dissidents like the Whistleblower Movement, although he and Mr. Guo personally know each other well. Mr. Guo knows too many of Li Keqiang’s secrets.

In addition, Xi’s loss of power is no good news for Taiwan, because the Chinese Communist Party regime is still determined to invade the island. The regime grows increasingly belligerent amid political infighting and economic depression. Communist China’s economy is collapsing when large funds like Blackstone and Goldman Sachs dump assets in China. Reciprocally, wealthy Chinese are also selling assets overseas and fleeing. Internal infighting, collapse of the economy, disruption of supply chains, and the dumping of assets may be indicators of imminent war by the Chinese Communist Party regime.     

Xi’s most prominent failure is that he has fallen into a trap by his political rivals. Since 2015, rivals Wang Qishan (current Vice Chairman), Meng Jianzhu (former Secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Commission), Sun Lijun (former Deputy Minister of Public Security), and Fu Zhenghua (former Minister of Justice) have persuaded Xi to launch a political persecution campaign against Miles Guo, because they alleged Guo possesses 600 Gigabytes of damning evidence and footages of Xi and his family’s private life and corruption assets abroad. The political rivals claimed they discovered traces of the damning evidence through hacker attacks into Guo’s cellphones and computers. That’s why Sun Lijun said Xi is glad to hire Steve Wynn to lobby for Guo’s extradition to China. In 2019, Xi found out he was duped—the so-called damning evidence provided by the rivals is fake. However, because Xi had ordered the political persecutions against Miles Guo, the US government will impose sanctions on Xi and his family. The case of Steve Wynn will open up major investigations into individuals lobbying on behalf of the Chinese Communist party.

Xi fell into this trap because of three vulnerabilities: 1) Xi has engaged in sinful activities and is therefore fearful of being filmed by hidden cameras; 2) lacking comprehensive control over intelligence collection, Xi cannot process or evaluate the veracity of intelligence promptly; 3) the dictator is isolated and deceived by political rivals.

After the CCP regime’s support of Russian aggression against Ukraine, the United States and Western allies have seen through the regime’s evilness and will gradually take actions to topple the regime. In terms of military preparation, the Allied forces have focused on Japan, South Korea, and Thailand to boost Taiwan’s defense. On the economic front, major Chinese banks have reported to the CCP central leadership of more than 10 trillion RMB in deficit, and harsh restrictions on bank withdraws are imposed; all kinds of mortgages, loans, and bank notes in China are going default. Desperate for cash, Communist China even threatens to default on its foreign debt if the United States doesn’t roll back punitive tariffs. The CCP regime’s downfall appears inevitable, whether Xi remains in power or not.


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