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CTV News reported on May 12 that Canada’s inflation hit a 31-year high, causing residents in the eastern coastal provinces to complain.

Alex and his wife, who live in Hammond Plains, Nova Scotia, have two young children. For them, the food at home is always consumed quickly, and the only thing that cannot be digested is the bill. Although both work, the family spends $50-$100 more per fortnight on groceries and $130 more on gas for both cars than a year ago, and the family’s biggest expense is daycare, which costs half of one of their salary even with federal and provincial subsidies.

At the moment, they can only reduce their expenses by frugality, such as taking their children to free activities as much as possible, using coupons as much as possible, buying second-hand furniture, etc. A year ago, they were saving up to buy a house, but now they have put off that dream. They are currently planning to move to a province in the west where the cost of living is cheaper, but the idea that inflation may continue to grow still unnerves them, wondering what else needs to be cut from their lives in the future.

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