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Translated by MOS English Team — Mark Wen

True North reported on May 15 that a B.C lawyer representing more than 200 civil servants who were forced to lose their jobs due to a vaccine mandate was suing their union for failing to protect their rights.

The B.C. Public Service made two Covid-19 injections a condition of employment in November. The province’s NDP government passed a Privy Council order that cited non-compliance with the policy as grounds for job termination. As a result, attorney Sheikh told the Industrial Relations Board hearing that the state union failed to represent clients against the provincial mandate and colluded with government officials to draft and implement the vaccine mandate.

It is reported that B.C. was the last province to enact the cancellation of its pandemic measures, and B.C. continued to expand its vaccine mandate after other provinces canceled it. Last month, though, the province dropped mandatory two-dose Covid-19 shots for healthcare professionals, including dentists, doctors, and many others.

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