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Translated by: Himalaya Oxford Visionary – boylatin1L

In yesterday’s live broadcast, Miles Guo was delighted to announce that the U.S. Federal Government has formally investigated Sara Lihong Wei, also known as the ‘nine-fingered demon’ and her gang.  As a result, Wei will be fined $10 million for using GTV investors’ money remitted to VOG.  More than a dozen criminal offenses and fraud cases await her with the bill document forgery.

The ‘nine-fingered demon’ befriended everybody when she was in the VOG group.  In the name of God, in the name of the whistleblower Movement, she made everyone sign a will with all the beneficiaries going to her, saying it was for the good of everyone.  At the same time, she sold the information of her comrades to the Chinese Communist Intelligence bureau, trying to put them to death.  As a result, many comrades disappeared or were arrested and beaten by the police, with their investment interests deprived.  Yesterday, Miles Guo was thrilled to announce the U.S. Federal Government have formally investigated Wei and the accomplices.  There will be a fight to recover everything they took from the comrades-in-arms.  They must receive a fair trial, and we seek justice for the comrades-in-arms and their families that suffer.

Thanks to the alliance’s timely discovery of the evil intentions of the ‘nine-fingered demon’ and the disqualification of Phoenix Farm as an entity in the face of solid evidence.  At the same time, months-long coordination with relevant departments and personnel got back some of the comrade’s documents.  It saved thousands of them from the control and coercion of the ‘nine-fingered demon’ successfully.  The Alliance Embassy also emerged along with the incident, providing a new home and better counseling services for all the frustrated comrades of Phoenix Farm at the earliest time possible.

Miles Guo and the global Farm alliance safeguard the losses of all the comrades that Wei infringed on their investment interests by taking visible risks with a guarantee to allow all the VOG investment comrades to continue to participate in the GTV and the H-coin investment.  The New Federal State of China (NFSC) promises no comrades-in-arms will be left behind.  All comrades-in-arms who have experienced the setbacks and storms of the VOG and Phoenix Farm and continue to follow the Whistleblower Movement, their persistence will be remembered by the NFSC.  The wicked must recoup the grievances and suffering of the comrades and their families a hundred and a thousand times.  Mr. Miles congratulates all comrades-in-arms again for finally seeing the moment that the ‘nine-fingered demon’ is in court for trial.

Wang Dinggang, Yan Limeng, Gao Bingchen, etc., will all be justly judged like the ‘nine-finger demon’ and go to hell and never be born. Therefore, direct confrontation with evil is the best way.


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Posted by: Peter Chen

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