Translated by: Ermat

Image Source: Gnews

International organizations such as Freemasonry, which control the world, are not based on countries but on groups of people. Their purpose is to control specific groups of people and resources, including core areas such as politics, military, culture, economy, and finance. They look for and cultivate talents all over the world. There is no justice or evil, no race, only success or failure. The ultimate goal is to control a specific country and group of people.

The Communist Party also has a lot of people from organizations such as the Freemasons. Several families such as Wang Qishan, Zhou Xiaochuan and Guo Shuqing are members of the Freemasons, and several of the big families and big officials who have just come up in Guangdong and Shanghai were arranged by these organizations overseas, because if they were not Freemasons they would not have been able to make it. 

Mr Guo tried to tell such truths to Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, Yang Shangkun and other core Party families a long time ago, but they all simply did not believe them. It later turned out that the Jiang family knew these truths but did not want Mr Guo to tell them, so Mr Guo was convinced that the Communist Party, a son of a bitch organization, was all about defending the interests of a few families.

These international organizations usually do not help justice but only the side that is about to win. The forces that are seen on the front line of Ukraine’s rescue are not based on countries, but international organizations with the background of huge forces based on people and interests. 

The principles of the entire organization association operate as a bond, most of which are Jewish-centered international organizations. Now the Jewish organizations on the Ukrainian front are also very supportive of our New Federal State of China. Now they stand in their own best interests to support us, because they now believe that our cause of destroying the Communist Party can finally succeed!

Just as in recent years, the global forced vaccination against the so-called Chinese Communist virus is just a way to get ordinary people to get vaccinated, do you think they will get such vaccinations themselves? They will never get such vaccines, they are just using them to enforce  which group of people deserve to die and which group of people still have a use to live!

Back then, the biggest temptation they gave to Mr. Guo was to make Mr. Guo the leader of the CCP. After Mr. Guo rejected them, he still kept in touch with them. The risk of rejection is huge, but it also brings them absolute respect for Mr. Guo. Later, when Mr. Guo encountered difficulties in the economy, especially when Mr. Guo was dealt with by Beijing Deputy Mayor Liu Zhihua, and his family could not afford to build Pangu, they were the ones who introduced Mr. Guo to PAG and PAX.

At that time, the construction of Pangu cost 10 to 20 billion yuan. Under normal circumstances, who has so much cash? Although Mr. Guo could get a bank loan in minutes, he did not take out a penny, because the premise of the Chinese loan is that a rebate must be given. 

On the surface, it is 5% interest, but in fact, no one can get a loan with 5% interest. In addition to various unspoken rules and common practices in China, it is not bad to be able to get a loan with 15% interest in the end, because basically there is another 10% rebate. Mr. Guo knew that he would not be able to destroy the CCP if he embarked on this path, so he would rather borrow usury loans than go to CCP banks.

So Mr. Guo approached these international organizations to see if they could help with the loan shark problem, and they sent Guo to Chris Gradel, the founder of PAG at the time, who was all Jewish except for Shan Weijian. Because they needed a representative who could collude with the Communist Party, and Shan Weijian was the Communist Party’s sharp knife to penetrate the Jewish financial system.

At that time, PAG loaned Pangu US$100 million, of which 30%, or US$30 million, was forcibly guaranteed by Mr. Guo personally, in an attempt to tie up Mr. Guo, and the other 70% was guaranteed by 49% of Pangu’s equity. At that time, the value of Pangu was already tens of billions! One can imagine the domineering and arrogant PAG. 

This $100 million loan with interest and principal was settled as early as 2009 by Pangu, and Mr. Guo’s $30 million personal guarantee no longer exists legally. But now Shan Weijian, on behalf of the Communist Party, falsified the so-called $30 million personal guarantee and imposed a fine of $130 million, plus a fine of $1.24 for the Lady May ship, which did not belong to Mr. Guo. A total of $254 million in fines came out of thin air.

The right half of this photo was taken in 1999 when Mr. Guo was driving a boat of a marshland family in Lake George (Lake George) in the United States to explore the lake scene. At that time, Mr. Guo weighed about 77 kg. At that time, Mr. Guo received their protection in the United States. Sitting next to him was Zhu Maoyuan, the barrister that Mr. Guo admired most at the time. 

The boat was hit by Zhu Maoyuan on the same day and was damaged by others. The photo on the left half with the camera on his back was taken by Mr. Guo in Hollywood, which was inaccessible to the Chinese at that time. After visiting several well-known film companies such as Time Warner from morning to night, they said to Mr. Guo, “Just follow the instructions. We are together, you are the future representative of Hollywood in China and even Asia!”

Mr. Guo disappointed them the most in two things. First, he didn’t join their organization. They think Mr. Guo is too stupid, because this is indeed a good thing that ordinary people can’t find. The second is that they made Mr. Guo learn English and Hebrew in 1991, but Mr. Guo did not learn it at that time. At that time, they specially found several teachers for Mr. Guo. As a result, it was less than a week after the beautiful female teacher came to teach Mr. Guo, and Mr. Guo almost fell in love with the teacher. The naughty Mr. Guo always asked the teacher what I love you” meant? How should I act if I love you? …

The utterly beautiful female English teacher made Mr. Guo look at his face and completely forgot to learn English. Therefore, Mr. Guo thought it was the stupidest mistake in his life, and he could never forgive himself for this!