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On May 18th in a livestream, Miles Guo revealed that the BSN, a new blockchain platform launched by Wang Qishan is aiming at 4th and 5th generation of digital currency and is a threat to the world.

He explained that BSN’s core technologies include blockchain of irreversible and immutable ledger on the internet, as well as several additional encryption features accomplished through DNA, biological, and quantum computers currently under development.

He pointed out that BSN’s attempt is to take all blockchains of the world under control with CCP’s standards. Once BSN is released, it’ll be a night mare for all blockchains of humanity.

However, according to Miles Guo, the Himalaya Exchange if going to adopt the most advanced blockchain technology in the world and will become the IP owner of the 5th generation blockchain technology by the end of 2023, which would allow it to bypass BSN’s control.

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