1. Good news: Sara Wei Lihong,her son and her gigolo Yang, are under criminal investigation.

2. Hermes and Omega’s boss once looked at the grottoes of the North Wei dynasty and were moved to tears by its beauty. Chinese culture is amazing. And Hermes original clothes, Chinese consumers bought, but not able to understand the beauty. This (Chinese culture) is the charm of G-Fashion.

3. Yan Limeng joined the Japanese porn business.

4. Recently many people want to make friends with Mr. Miles Guo. Mr. Wengui said, “I do not need to make new friends, there are hundreds of millions of fellow fighters in the Whistleblower movement, there is no time to make new friends”.

5. Meng Jianzhu and Wang Qishan secretly told Xi Jinping that Mr. Miles Guo and Ling Wancheng working together to rectify Xi Jinping’s material. Meng Jianzhu, Wang Qishan, Fu Zhenghua, and Sun Lijun, lending Xi’s power to attack Mr. Miles Guo and other political opponents. Xi Jinping found out about being duped by them, and sent Meng, Wang, Fu and Sun to prison later.

6. Hu Jintao and Zeng Qinghong had proposed that Xi Jinping retain the presidency of China and quit as general secretary of CCP. Xi Jinping had promised to quit as secretary before.

7. Hu and Zeng proposed the first candidate is Li Keqiang, the second candidate is Wang Yang. Mr. Miles Guo said whoever has power is still the CCP. Their infight is good, but we should not be naive.

8. Wang Yang is the princeling of CCP and Qiao Shi’s family.

9. The Foreign funds dumped a lot of CCP assets recently, proving that invading Taiwan is going to happen soon. Mr. Miles Guo worries most about food shortages in China.

Chinese Version: Wenjun
Translator: Curiosity
Proofreading: Tracy