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On May 18, Miles Guo explained on Gettr livestream the impact of the Steve Wynn case on U.S. midterm elections. Miles said the Republicans are sure to win the U.S. midterms elections, the hearings will commence shortly.

At that time, all individuals involved in cases concerning Miles, the Whistleblowers Movement, Steve Wynn, Elliot Broidy, Nickie Mali Lum Davis, Weijian Shan etc., will have to attend the hearings, and would be prosecuted immediately after the hearing. What U.S. need to figure out is: first, everyone can act in unison to attack all over the world; second, whether there is the influence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) behind it; third, the participation of Americans like the former FBI executive, George Higginbotham of the Justice Department, who cooperate with the CCP. This relates to whether all the judgements about Miles cases are faire; Miles frankly said, finally the moment of final judgement will come. In this series of cases, the US congress would dig out all the CCP’s corruptions, hiding money and political influence map in U.S., and the New Federal State of China would be sure to reveal the truths to the world. Now the Justice Department has already warned Steve Wynn not to destroy communications records.

Miles also mentioned that the indictment of Steve Wynn, which involves the two presidents of U.S. former and incumbent, will start a new journey of taking down the CCP in US bipartisan fashion, and anyone who has colluded with the CCP will be exposed. Finally, U.S. bipartisan legislation will recognize the New Federal State of China. Everything is the result of history, which authenticate the greatness of the New Federal State of China.


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